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Have A Great Vegas!

TweetTomorrow, the games begin as many of us head to Las Vegas to prepare for the first day of Jewelry Market Week. Things will be quiet here on the site, but we wanted to take a second to wish you all a great show! For those who are attending, we hope you can join us… Continue Reading

Making Jewelry Market Week Matter

Tweet I’ve been obsessed with the concept of Jewelry Market Week, the overarching name for all of the Las Vegas trade shows in late May/early June, ever since it was introduced to me. With the show rapidly approaching and workload rapidly shifting to Las Vegas, I was curious to see what was being done with… Continue Reading

The Ups and Downs of AGS Conclave 2011

TweetThe American Gem Society holds a special place in my heart. At 16 years old, Conclave was one of my first chances to interact with my industry at large and see the passion that many of finest retail jewelers take in education and training in their store. While I’ve had my ups and downs with… Continue Reading

Impressions from Vicenza 2011

TweetWalking the Vicenza Oro Fair last month, you could hear the usual languages and accents. However this year, there was one set of voices that were noticeably missing, the American ones. After visiting several European manufacturers and conversing about global sales, it was clear that almost everyone is waiting in anticipation of the return of… Continue Reading

Six Observations From A Retailer After Couture and JCK Las Vegas

TweetAs the Vegas shows have come and gone, I thought it would be appropriate to do a followup post to my pre-show post “Open Letter to Vendors: From a Retailer“. This post outlines some of what I observed and took in from the experiences I went through during JCK, Luxury and Couture Shows. I had… Continue Reading

How The Jewelry Industry Can Use Social Media at JCK and Couture

TweetNote: This is a slightly modified version of a first draft for our upcoming Gen-Next Jewelers Column in the July JCK Magazine.  The piece we ended up submitting went in a different direction, but we thought you might find value in our original post with Las Vegas rapidly approaching.  Be sure to check out the… Continue Reading

Join Jewelers for Children and Gen-Next Jewelers for the Facets Of Hope After Party In Las Vegas!

TweetGen-Next Jewelers is excited to announce our partnership with Jewelers for Children on the first ever “After Party” immediately following The Facets of Hope dinner in Las Vegas.  Join us on Sunday, June 6th for an evening of drinks, gaming and conversation starting at 9:30 PM in the Pallazo Ballroom at the Venetian Hotel (the… Continue Reading

Join Gen-Next Jewelers At The JCK Mandalay Bay Party!

TweetHave you listened to our podcast with Yancy Weinrich on JCK 2011 at Mandalay Bay?  Still can’t imagine what the big move is going to be like?  2011 looks to be a big shake up for the Las Vegas shows with the move to Mandalay Bay and we would like to invite you to come… Continue Reading

Dan Gordon Is Seemingly Everywhere This Month

TweetGen-Next Jewelers Board Member, Dan Gordon from Samuel Gordon Jewelers seems to be everywhere this month, which is not much of a surprise for someone who manages over 20 profiles on various Social Media Sites.  In the past few weeks he has popped up in quite a few articles both within and beyond the industry… Continue Reading

Big Moves From JCK and Couture, Let’s Discuss!

TweetAnother big announcement today from JCK Events with Lars Parker Myers moving from Couture to JCK.  This comes right on the heels of announcements that Nancy Robey is joining the JCK team and that Michael O’Connor will be working closely Couture.  Here is today’s press release: JCK Events Welcomes New Manager, Strategic Accounts Lars Parker-Myers,… Continue Reading